Beautiful Camping Sites Near Dhaka to Spend Quality Time with Nature

Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated metropolises of the world. The city acts as both the commercial and administrative hub of the country. Naturally, the city is ever busy with its daily hustle and bustle. For people looking for an escape from this concrete jungle, there are several retreats right on the outskirts of the city. In this article, let’s have a look at the 7 best camping sites near Dhaka.

7 Magnificent Camping Sites Near Dhaka

The concept of camping in Bangladesh is fairly new. It has become more popular in recent years along the plains and hills of Bangladesh’s remote districts. So naturally, there aren’t any specified camping zones within a few hours’ distances of Dhaka. That being said, some of the resorts and eco-parks in and around Dhaka have amazing camping facilities which act as a great alternative for those who can’t travel far.

The Basecamp

The basecamp situated in Madhabpur Road or Shafipur is the first organized camping experience in Bangladesh. The camping sites offer some of the best and unique camping experiences and activities out there. The main aim of the basecamp is to promote sustainable tourism for city dwellers. It’s easily accessible from Dhaka through the Shafipur highway.

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From ground obstacle courses to zipline, kayaking, and campfire, the place offers a true camp life experience for the visitors. There are both bungalow and tent options for camping. All the gear and camping requirements come included in each package. Considering its easy access location, the basecamp is easily one of the best camping getaways near Dhaka.

Dhaleshwari Camping and Kayaking

Dhaleshwari Camping and Kayaking are situated in Kalatiya of Keraniganj. The place is situated adjacent to the Dhaleshwari river enabling one to have a kayaking experience at such a close distance from Dhaka. The place is known for its natural beauty and laid-natural landscape. The long plain land near the river makes for a perfect camping retreat. In addition to kayaking and camping, there are other facilities like a campfire and BBQ. All kinds of camping gear and kayaking equipment are provided by the camp facility. Overall, this place offers a unique camp stay experience away from city life.

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Campsite Café

The campsite café is another camping café near kalatiya. Unlike the Dhaleshwari camping and kayaking, this is exclusively a camping café situated away from the river. The place provides a unique experience considering the café-like experience from a campsite. Unlike a typical campsite, everything is served readymade here.

In addition to daytime activities, there is a BBQ by the campfire organized by the café authority. There are tents as well as cottages for the homestay experience. If anyone is unsure which ones to try, they can simply book one of their staycation camping packages. The packages start from 1199 BDT per person with three meals and light afternoon snacks along with the accommodation included. For more information, visit their Facebook Page.

ABS Campground

ABS campground is situated a short distance from Dhaka in Fatulla of Narayanganj. While Narayanganj itself is a big city, the Fatulla region is a somewhat cordoned-off rural area away from the city center. As a result, the campground feels like an actual remote experience. The ABS campground is located in a bounded area within a light forest. The camping stations are rounded around the edge of the ground. All kinds of camping amenities are provided by the camping authority. On top of that, visitors can enjoy different BBQs and other fun activities in the Campground and adjoining area.

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Turag Basecamp

Turag basecamp is situated near the Turag river in Gazipur right after crossing Tongi. It takes about 30 minutes to get there from Uttara and about an hour from the Dhaka city center. The Turag Basecamp has been developed as a family retreat for the city dwellers. Whether it’s a picnic or a day out, this basecamp provides a unique and new way to experience camping in such close proximity to Dhaka.

In addition to colorful tents and bonfires, there are musical shows and BBQ parties to entertain the campers. Like the other camp facilities, all the camping gear is provided by the camp authority. The camp tents remain hoisted always as they keep them prepared for guest’s week round.

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Camp Zone

Camp Zone is situated in Azmatpur of Gazipur. The place is situated near the Bhawal forest. As a result, this campground feels like camping inside a secluded forest. There is a long unobstructed chain of plain land which adds to the camping experience of this place.

In addition to its plain land, there is a trekking course across the Bhawal forest. Visitors can take the experience of both camping and trekking here. The camp authority has a number of amenities which are all included in a package system for the ease of the visitors.

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Shaira Garden Hotel and Resort

The Shaira Garden Hotel and Resort is situated in Narayanganj. The resort is about 40 minutes away from Dhaka city. Though it’s mainly a staycation resort, there is a camping option available as well.

The resort has all the modern amenities for a staycation experience. It is situated in a forest-like area of Narayanganj. At night, campers can hear the howling noise of owls which adds to the unique experience. The resort has a separate section for camping away from its cottage homes.

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However, they have all the preps for any kind of camping. Food and other amenities are directly served from the resort. The resort even offers preparation for camping as well as a bonfire. There aren’t any exhilarating experiences here like the base camp. But visitors can expect a relaxed laid back camping experience around a campfire here.

Final Thoughts

Dhaka with all its city activities doesn’t really have any getaways in itself. As a result, the adjoining sub-urban areas have become a weekend or holiday getaway for the city dwellers. While people used to go on picnics and retreats even a few years ago, now camping is the new craze. Based on that, several camping spots have developed around Dhaka. Check these out for some quality time with the close and loved ones.

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