The Best Sleeping Bags For Camping, Hiking and Outdoor Adventures

Sleeping under the stars is magical, as long as your sleeping bag is comfy and warm. Depending on your activity — trekking, hiking, kayaking, biking, fishing, camping, backpacking, caravanning, 4WDing, to a festival or having a sleepover — there’s a lot to consider. What should it be made of? Which is the best shape? Will it keep you warm? And who will be sleeping in it? 

No two sleeping bags are the same, you can get mummy-shaped sleeping bags (wide shoulders, narrow legs), rectangular sleeping bags (gives you more space to move), hooded sleeping bags (rectangle shape with a hood at the opening) and core feature sleeping bags (more legroom and doubles as a blanket). As well as having different shapes, they’re also made from different materials — synthetic, down and cotton — designed for different temperatures. 

Sleeping bags made from synthetic, man-made fibres are better if you’re going camping in a car/caravan because they’re usually heavier and bulkier. They keep you warm if they get wet and are usually pretty durable when looked after. They’re suited to a wide range of activities, including an overnight hike, camping, and travel across a range of climates.

Down sleeping bags are made from natural duck or goose feathers and tend to be more breathable and longer-lasting. They’re warmer, lighter and more compact so better for hiking in dry weather and travelling. However, make sure you get one with a protective waterproof layer, as they don’t keep you warm when wet. Down sleeping bags are suited for multi-day overnight hikes, cold camping conditions, world travel or alpine adventures.

Cotton sleeping bags are super breathable and suited to hot weather camping. They usually have better weather protection than down sleeping bags and are super easy to wash. Cotton sleeping bags are suited to activities like beach camping, hot climates and festivals. 

Other things to consider are:

  • Linings (polyester and nylon — best in the cold and cotton — best in the heat). 
  • Zippers if they run all the way, halfway, or a quarter of the way down the sleeping bag.
  • If it needs a sleep mat or pillow.
  • And if it’s waterproof. 

Ahead, we unpack the best sleeping bags so you can find the one for your next big adventure. 

Single Sleeping Bags

WEISSHORN Sleeping Bag

WEISSHORN Sleeping Bag, $45.85

The Weisshorn Sleeping Bag is perfect for any outdoor adventure in any weather condition. Made with a 190T polyester ripstop outer layer, a 190T polyester pongee inner layer and filled two layers of 260gsm hollow fibre filling, the sleeping bag offers as much warmth as your quilt at home. It’s soft, breathable and comfortable, even if the thermometer drops to -20°C. It’s also extremely lightweight and compact, so you can carry it on long treks, hikes and climbs. 

Kathmandu Pathfinder Water Repellent Mummy Goose Down Sleeping Bag

Kathmandu Pathfinder Water Repellent Mummy Goose Down Sleeping Bag, $499.98

You haven’t travelled light until you’ve packed the latest Pathfinder Sleeping Bag. It’s lightweight, compact, water repellent, super warm and breathable. Perfect for cooler climates, it’ll keep you snug and dry when it’s time to hunker down at night.

Naturehike Sleeping Bag

Naturehike Sleeping Bag, $149

This super comfortable mummy style Naturehike Sleeping Bag is water-resistant, skin-friendly, and can be easily fitted into any backpack. It’s made from 20D 400T Nylon fabric and lining, meaning it’s soft and lightweight. It’s good for outdoor travel, camping, hiking and backpacking.

Coleman Big Game Sleeping Bag

Coleman Big Game Sleeping Bag, $159.99

For a cozy night’s rest on even the coldest nights, look no further than the Big Game Sleeping Bag from Coleman. This sleeping bag is the largest, most heavyweight sleeping bag from Coleman. The full cover construction eliminates cold spots, and the no-snag patented zipper provides an easy zip-up when settling in for the night. You can roll around with ease with Coleman’s Roll Control technology, and it’s large enough to give you plenty of legroom.

Coleman Mudgee Tall Hooded Sleeping Bag

Coleman Mudgee Tall Hooded Sleeping Bag, $99.99

When you’re heading off on a winter camping adventure, look no further than the Coleman Mudgee Tall Hooded Sleeping Bag! This sleeping bag has a comfort temperature rating of -3°C – perfect for long chilly nights outdoors. The sleeping bag has full-length zippers, which means you can use it on its own, or as an extra layer in frosty weather. 

Wanderer Single Hooded Sleeping Bag

Wanderer Single Hooded Sleeping Bag, $69.99

The Wanderer Single Hooded Sleeping Bag has a temperature comfort rating of 0°C, making it perfect for cooler climates. The performance 400gsm hollow fibre polyester fill keeps it at the perfect temperature while the polyester shell keeps it durable for night after night. It’s heavy-duty zips ensure you can get in and out with ease, no matter how many time you have to pee during the night. If you’re heading out for a summer festival or weekend camping trip, the Singe Hooded Sleeping Bag is a perfect fit.

Double Sleeping Bags

Agemore Cotton Flannel Double Sleeping Bag

Agemore Cotton Flannel Double Sleeping Bag, $124.78

Agemore Waterproof Backpacking Flannel Cotton Double Sleeping Bag is perfect for backpacking, camping and biking. Lined on the inside with a super-soft brushed flannel cotton and specifically engineered to compress tightly for easy packing, but puffs up nicely when in use. It’s easy to fold and includes a travel-friendly compression sack with a drawstring and straps for powerful compression. 

WEISSHORN Double Sleeping Bag

WEISSHORN Double Sleeping Bag, $52.30

Designed to be used as a blanket (wrap it around), a mat (unzip it to open flat) or just like a regular sleeping bag, this two-person sleeping bag is lightweight, compact and comes with a bonus carry bag. It suits -10 degrees to +15 degrees and comes with two comfortable pillows. 

Wanderer DualFlame Hooded Sleeping Bag

Wanderer DualFlame Hooded Sleeping Bag, $199.99

Wanderer’s DualFlame Double Sleeping Bag by Wanderer is the perfect way to get snug with the person you love on a cold night in the bush. It’s made with Quadratherm™ insulation with a temperature rating of 0°C to keep it toasty warm in winter weather. You can get in and out with ease with the heavy-duty YKK zips with an easy grab puller and full anti-snag zipper protection. 

Wanderer Scorch Duo Hooded Sleeping Bag

Wanderer Scorch Duo Hooded Sleeping Bag, $129.99

The Scorch Hooded Sleeping Bag by Wanderer is a great double sleeping bag. The performance hollow fibre polyester fill keeps it warm enough in winter while the comfortable polyester lining gives you a fantastic night’s sleep. It’s hard-wearing, durable polyester shell keeps it durable in all weather conditions, and the heavy-duty zips ensure you can get in and out with ease – no matter the time of day or night. 

Sleepingo Double Sleeping Bag

Sleepingo Double Sleeping Bag, $83.85

The Sleepingo Double Sleeping Bag is a durable, portable double sleeping bag that won’t wear easily. It comfortably fits two adults and is soft, lightweight and waterproof. It also comes with a Lifetime warranty which really makes this a no-brainer!

Happy camping!

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