(Video) Teens Get Slammed For Picnicking & Camping At Resorts World Genting

For most of us, it’s been a long time since we enjoyed a proper holiday. So, we totally understand the need for a little getaway, even if it’s just to Resorts World Genting. Unfortunately, it seems some of us have gotten a little too stir crazy and desperate.

A few teens were recently reprimanded on TikTok for doing foolhardy things in Resorts World Genting. One group apparently had a picnic by the side of a road while another decided to camp in a gas station. These activities, while exciting, proved to be more dangerous than fun. Yet, these teenagers were desperate and foolhardy enough to risk it all.

Source: TikTok/@nhztulhnim

The first video was from TikTok user @nhztulhnim, published yesterday (22nd November). The footage showed a group of teens hanging out by the side of the road. They looked comfortable as they had camping chairs, coffee and a boiling pot of Maggie Mee. While the scene looked rather picturesque, it was very dangerous.

As one user pointed out, they were seated by the side of the road. All it would take is one out-of-control car careening towards them. They also mentioned that if the teens didn’t clean up after themselves, there would be problems. Another comment wryly asked if they were thinking straight. “Picnicking by the roadside? Are you okay, bro?” they wrote.

Source: TikTok/@nhztulhnim

Another group also decided to be adventurous and pitch a tent at a gas station. The video explained that camping was an alternative if they couldn’t book a room at a hotel. Needless to say, netizens weren’t impressed. “When cavemen enter (the) city,” one user captioned the video.

Others explained that there were areas for camping, but this was not one of them. “(If you do it) like this, (you’ll) surely be reprimanded/chased off,” one said. Another recommended they camp in front of the resort’s lobby. “The toilet will be nearby,” they observed.

Source: TikTok/@_dattebayo8

This isn’t the first time Resorts World Genting has been featured in crazy acts. Malaysian influencer Bryan Wee and a friend showed up at the resort in nothing but a bikini earlier this month! However, their joke was fairly harmless, save the mental scarring.

Either way, it seems Resort World Genting might have to tighten their rules to ensure everyone’s safety. If you do visit Genting, take care have fun while staying safe!

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