Camping Supply Secrets: Camping Tips, Camping Equipment And Camping Gear Tricks

Getting the right camping gear need not be a huge expense.

Here are some quick money-saving tips that you can use today to make sure you have the right equipment for your camping trip without breaking the budget.

Visit online auction sites like Ebay where you’ll be able to pick most of the things you need at a fraction of the cost. Make sure before you place any bids on auctions that you check out the seller’s feedback. Purchases done via Paypal are also covered by Paypal’s Buyer Protection.

Look at your local newspapers often to find out if there are any offline auctions soon where camping items will feature at bargain prices.

Visit garage sales in your area where you could easily pick up tents, air mattresses, air pumps etc at really low prices.

Buy local trading magazines/newspapers where people advertise their second hand items cheaply. Also look for the items listed in “freebies” and look out for people who may be willing to trade something of theirs for something of yours.

Contact some scout halls in your local area. They often upgrade their camping equipment and are often happy to sell their second hand equipment at cheap prices.

Visit where people sell their camping items relatively cheaply.

Visit your local army surplus store for equipment specials.

Surf the internet regularly for great camping specials, including free shipping.

Below are a few online stores that offer free shipping to their customers. Conditions may apply. offers Free Shipping on all orders over $48.95. offers free shipping on US orders over $50.00 offers free shipping and no sales tax on US orders over $40.00. offers free return shipping on selected camping items.

There’s no need to pay full price for camping gear when there are so many online businesses offering serious discounts to its visitors. regularly offers up to 70% off brand name camping gear. offers the best assortment of brand-name seconds, overstocks and closeouts with discounts of 20-70% for its visitors. is America’s ultimate shooting sports discounter. is Europe’s leading online retailer of outdoor equipment and clothing at prices up to 65% less than you will find elsewhere. Keep an eye on your wallet by keeping an eye out for the best petrol prices and cars with low mileage costs. is a government website listing mileage rates for vehicles going as far back as 1985.

This is not where your savings end. It is possible to find camping gear free. Without a doubt, the best place to find camping gear for FREE is to ask your family and friends if you can borrow it. Usually most people won’t have a problem with that and if you are forced to do a “trade” of some kind so that you can use their items accept it as better than having to physically pay money for it and come to a mutually acceptable arrangement between you.

So there you have it. Camping need not be expensive. I’ve shared with you the many places you can go to, starting today, where you will be able to get camping gear for a fraction of its original price or, even better, free. So what are you waiting for! With such a ready supply of discount camping equipment, camping on a budget has never been easier.

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