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In last week’s column, I gave some pointers for taking great photos of fall colors. This week: where and when to go, and a few more photography tips.

Fall colors have shown up in the northern part of the state and are migrating south. Social media posts show that Guanella Pass, Boreas Pass and Kenosha Pass are looking real good, and will probably peak this weekend. Eleven Mile State Park is also pretty colorful right now too.  

Mueller State Park and Highway 67 corridor between Divide and Cripple Creek is turning, but not yet at peak, which will probably happen sometime next week. I was at Mueller on Wednesday, and more of it is green than gold. A late spring frost damaged the trees on the south side of the park, so they are not looking very good. The north side of the park, especially near Cheesman Ranch, Cahill Pond and Buffalo Rock trails, weren’t quite ready but coming along well. Expect this weekend to be pretty colorful, and depending on weather, the colors may last until next weekend. If you have time during the next week, Mueller and Hwy. 67 should be stunning.

Mueller Fall Colors

Fall colors in Mueller State Park on Sept. 28.

When it comes to photography, one of the accessories people ask me about is the use of filters to enhance photos. Digital photography has made the need for filters pretty much obsolete, since photo editing software can mimic the effects of the pile of filters photographers used to carry in the days of film. The one filter that photo editing software doesn’t do a great job of mimicking, and that should be in every photographer’s bag, is the polarizer filter. They can be used to eliminate reflections on objects such as glass or water and to emphasize the contrast between a blue sky and white clouds. For photographing fall colors, a polarizing filter can make colors really “pop.” The filter needs to be the right diameter for your lens, and your favorite camera store can help you get the proper size. A Google search on how to use a polarizing filter will yield more YouTube videos than you’ll ever be able to view.

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