John Lewis mural and hike in Victor

I had to see it, the massive John Lewis tribute mural in downtown Rochester. It was well worth the drive from Naples to stand before this panorama honoring the late civil rights icon, John Lewis, painted on a multi-story building on State Street.

The John Lewis tribute mural is seen on State Street in Rochester.

Why am I including this here, in a column about hiking with Rosie? She reminded me of all the hiking trails between Naples and Rochester, so she jumped in the car and off we went.

All set to backseat drive.

On the trip back, we stopped in Lehigh Crossing Park in Victor.

Welcome to Lehigh Crossing Park.
Rosie read the rules and is ready to go on the Lehigh Crossing Park path in Victor.

The park covers 54 acres with three miles of trail through meadows, woods and wetland that make it the perfect home for all kinds of wildlife — such as the three lively deer that sent Rosie into a fit.

Rosie was told to sit, but as you can see, her hind end stops short of touching the ground (and she thought I wouldn't  notice!).

Being the redbone that she is, Rosie belted a wail like I haven’t heard in a long time. I would have recorded it for you, but I was too busy keeping her from chasing those deer all the way to Canada.

Lehigh Crossing Park offers a mix of field, forest and wetlands ideal for wildlife habitat.
A boardwalk in Lehigh Crossing Park reminds us of the days when the railroad came through here.

Lehigh Crossing Park was once a crossing point for three rail lines. The park lies between the Auburn and the Lehigh Valley multi-use trails.

Wooden signs are seen in Lehigh Crossing Park in Victor.

The trail entrance is easy to find, with a parking lot off of Victor-Mendon Road (Route 251), across from the Auburn Creek Driving Range.

The trail in Lehigh Crossing Park is part of the Victor Hiking Trails system.
A gazebo is seen in Lehigh Crossing Park in Victor.

Check out the park here:

Mom wouldn't let me chase those deer, so I am left to find a mouse or some other minuscule creature.

Learn about the making of the John Lewis tribute mural:

The John Lewis tribute mural is seen on State Street in Rochester.
Julie Sherwood and Rosie
A sign is seen near the pond in Lehigh Crossing Park.
Rosie crosses a boardwalk in Lehigh Crossing Park, with an eye toward the forest.

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