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MSP to let campers reserve year in advance

Campers in Missouri’s state parks will soon be able to reserve a year in advance, rather than only six months in advance.

Missouri State Parks, a division of the Department of Natural Resources, announced on June 16 an expanded reservation window for campgrounds, increasing from a six-month period to a 12-month period.

Beginning at 7 a.m. on June 30, campers can reserve a campsite at state parks one year in advance, to allow visitors and staff to better plan. Advance reservations are required at most campgrounds and park-run lodging, and can be made up until 7 p.m. the day before arrival. Campers are encouraged to make reservations online at

“The one-year camping reservation window will better allow large groups traveling together to book in advance,” said Mike Sutherland, Missouri State Parks director. “As of Tuesday, June 30, all campers, such as the anglers who camp at the trout parks year after year, can begin making their reservations for the 2021 season.”

Missouri State Parks has instituted a number of changes related to campground operations to better facilitate appropriate social distancing and improve the safety of operations for Missouri State Parks’ guests and staff.

The additional measures include the following:

  • Reservations are required prior to arrival.
  • Campground occupancy may be limited at some parks and sites.
  • Missouri State Parks has increased the frequency of cleaning shower houses and restrooms.
  • Campers may use a new contactless, self-check-in feature.
  • There are occupancy restrictions in shower houses and restrooms.
  • Missouri State Parks only accept credit and debit cards.

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