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You’ll have noticed the rise of ‘Gorp Core‘, the trend for dressing like you’re about to set out on a six-week expedition to the Andes, even if you’re just popping out for a pint of milk. Well, as luck would have it, it’s now cool to actually do the thing you’re dressing for.

Walking, hiking, trekking and generally being in nature is on the up. Last year, according to Ordnance Survey (and they should know), we took 50% more walks in the wilds of the UK than the year before, and we walked further, too. Finding good kit to do it in is easier than ever, too. Beyond the usual outdoor stores, the likes of Brown’s, Matches and Mr Porter have all expanded their product range to include super technical, foul weather gear and even camping equipment.

Then there are new niche boutiques which stock all the super expensive stuff from Japan and America (we are particularly fond of Outsiders Store in Kings Cross, for example). And now proper high fashion brands are muscling in on the outdoor trend, too. Gucci has just re-upped it’s partnership with The North Face and Loewe’s Eye/Loewe/Nature collection continues apace, while the likes of Jacquemus, Burberry and Prada have all made proper mountain-ready hiking boots for Winter.

Essentially, going outdoors is very in, which means if you haven’t already, then it’s probably time to invest in the best men’s hiking boots. The key thing is to decide what you’ll actually need them for. If you’re planning to scale Scafell Pike, then a pair of Gucci booties might not cut it (elegant as they are), and if you simply want to keep your feet warm, dry (and chic!) on a lap around the park, then a pair of Danners might be overkill. Either way, we’ve distilled a very large offering down into a selection great pairs to cover all bases and budgets. Now just pray for good weather (although there’s always men’s waterproof hiking boots if things get too miserable.)

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