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We seem to have reached a practical limit for how small a camping trailer can be. California camping trailer startup Hitch Hotel initially built the Classic, a tiny, telescoping cargo box that attaches to a trailer hitch and can pop out into a sleeping pod. Now, the company is producing a wheeled version called the Traveler, allowing it to be towed by vehicles too small to support a cargo box on their hitch — which, effectively, means it can be towed by any car.

The Traveler is incredibly light, weighing just 450 pounds. It’s compact; indeed, it can be stored practically anywhere you have a cubic half-yard of space. The trailer itself can sleep up to three adults — though we’d guess two would be more common — and it can hold up to 550 pounds of gear. The tires are rated for speeds up to 80 mph.

Granted, you do have to make some sacrifices with the Traveler. You don’t get some of the amenities included with larger camping trailers,  and it looks like it would be anything but aerodynamic on the highway. But the Traveler’s low price and enormous convenience may alleviate those concerns.

According to New Atlas, the Traveler will cost $5,699, a $700 premium over the Classic. Hitch Hotel does not have a delivery date for the Traveler yet, which is still in the final prototype stage. Initial deliveries of the Classic to Kickstarter backers are due to start in May.

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