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Winter is coming, which for many RVers marks the end of the camping season. Unless you live in Florida, where it never gets below 50 degrees. But the sad truth is that RV parks are beginning to close, and you have to get ready to winterize your RV. But for those of you squeezing a few last-minute trips in before the year’s end, here’s what you need to do to prep for Fall RV camping.

Class A RV Parked by Mountains | Mel Melcon / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

Plan your trip, and make sure the park or campground is open

As mentioned, some RV campgrounds, and even boondocking sites, are getting ready to close for the winter. So make sure whatever venue you’re looking at is actually open, otherwise, you’ll be SOL. This isn’t just the case for privately owned and operated RV parks either. Many national parks or Bureau of Land Management camping spots begin to close this time of year as well. Simply put, do your research.

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